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Introducing our stunning Silver Amethyst Mobius Shawl, a must-have for any sustainable fashion enthusiast. Handmade and handwoven, this piece is truly a wearable work of art. Versatile and meium weight, it can be worn as an infinity scarf or draped elegantly as a shawl. The rustic silver and purple amethyst tones compliment each other perfectly, making it a statement accessory to wear year-round. Indulge in this unique piece and elevate any outfit with a touch of handmade luxury.

Silver Amethyst Mobius Shawl

SKU : 2977
  • Materials: Rayon, Tencel, Cotton-Rayon

    Size: One (16.5" wide)

    Care: Hand wash, line dry

    One of a Kind Art to Wear

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