Welcome to Threadings Handwoven Designs!

Since the beginning of civilization there have been woven items.  Hand weaving of cloth combines color, texture and design. This has evolved into an art form as well.  There are never-ending design possibilities which I love exploring.

My focus has been on one of a kind Wearables and Fashion Accessories that showcase pattern and color.  The yarns used are high end natural fibers.  The use of hand dyed yarns allows for unusual colorways. These colorways are sourced from other talented entrepreneurial women in the States.  


The Magnetic Buttons can be used as accents or closures, and are made by myself.  The Dorset Buttons are also handmade by myself.   


I hope you will enjoy your exploration of these One of a Kind Art to Wear items, and make one yours! 

Ellen Grenier Bevill

Artist Picture.jpg